Citizen's Run Citizens' Run 3rd August, 2014
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The Citizens Run Trust was launched to extend financial support to deserving NGOs who undertake the welfare of various destitute, socially, economically as well as physically and mentally retarded and disadvantaged children and the aged men and women.In order to mobilize funds for this social cause, the Citizens Run Trust has been organizing a cross city run every year since 1996 in which people from different milieux in Chennai participate.  This is to create awareness among the citizens about these NGOs.

The idea of the Citizens' Run was born with the hope of getting both young and old, the expensively shod and the barefoot runner to put their energy and money into a meaningful contribution to society at large.


The clearly expressed aim of the run is to gain awareness and support for small voluntary non-government organizations actively engaged in quality work for the welfare of the socially, economically and physically disadvantaged. The natural instinct for sport is used in the run to promote a citizen's awareness of social issues and enable everyone to participate in the RUN FOR A CAUSE.

The run covers a distance of approximately five kilometers each year.