The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) was started as a response to Chennai’s conspicuous absence of support agencies for women who are survivors of domestic abuse.
This non-profit, tax-exempt, registered public charitable trust seeks to help rebuild lives damaged by abusive family relationships and to facilitate the process of self-empowerment for women survivors of family violence.
The women helped by PCVC each day face multiple challenges. They are in danger, homeless at times, victims of sustained traumatic abuse and domestic violence, and have severely limited financial resources, with only minimal support and help from their family or community. Inadequate education and limited job skills further curtail them. Their children bear witness to the violence and generally suffer from development delays and emotional difficulties.
To meet the current and future needs of these women, children and families, PCVC provides crisis intervention and management including emergency housing. Other services include family reunification, psychotherapy, life skills training, trauma recovery and individual and group counseling. Follow-up services help the women and children sustain the gains they have made at PCVC when they ‘graduate’ from the shelter.
PCVC require funds to meet crisis intervention, shelter, travel, medical, and various administrative expenses. The Citizens’ Run Trust proposes to support them with financial help of about Rs.4,00,000/-