sagayam home

Sagayam is a home dedicated to providing care and treatment to the destitute mentally ill.
This community-based organization works towards helping the patients and their families better understand the issue in its context, and supports them in coping with the demands of disease. Neighboring communities are also involved in the process of prevention and rehabilitation.
Sagayam is maintained by donations that go towards the rented premises, food and medical care. A team of dedicated staff and volunteers help run the home.
Sagayam’s long term objectives include
To provide rescue, care, treatment and shelter for mentally ill men.
To help these men achieve self-reliance and re-integrate into mainstream society with vocational training and placement service.
To establish systematized Police participation in rescue of homeless persons with mental illness.
To sensitize the nearby communities through IEC (information, education and communication) activities.
To encourage community-based rehabilitation.
To create networks with Government and Non-Government organizations.

Sagayam is looking to raise additional funds for constructing its own premises and also for the purchase of a Maruthi Omni Van. The total requirement is about Rs. 8.5 lacs, and the Citizens’ Run Trust proposes to help with them with Rs.3,00,000/-