Citizen's Run Citizens' Run 3rd August, 2014
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The annual event of the Citizen’s Run attracts many runners from different walks of life. Some of the distinguished runners who have joined in the run are Ramanathan and Ramesh Krishnan, Revathi, Anita Ratnam, Yasmin Akbar, Anand Natarajan, J.B. Joseph, A. Rajan, R. Gnanasekaran, The Amritrajs, Vishwananthan Anand, P.T. Usha, Srikkanth, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Lakshmi Ratan, V. Gopalakrishnan, and a host of other enthusiasts.
"There is no better way to unite for a cause than through sporting activities" - V. Bhaskaran, Former Olympian
"It brings people together. A run is a great opportunity to meet people at an informal level" - Ramanathan Krishna
"I think itís a great idea to have a Citizensí Run" - Ramesh Krishnan
"Itís amazing how just a few people working together can create this enormous impact" - Ranjani Manian Head, Global Adjustments